As part of the exhibition HistoricALL! at Onomatopee, Eindhoven, together with The Hmmm (Margarita Osipian and Leanne Wijnsma), the platform for Internet cultures, we have co-written and designed a manifesto arguing for a lighter, more sustainable Internet. 

"Despite the ephemeral metaphors of ‘the cloud’ and the aura of immateriality surrounding digital technologies, the digital ecologies that we are part of on a daily basis have a big environmental impact—and it’s only growing. Our habits, and the design of digital tools and platforms, pushes us to continue to consume and store digital content endlessly. But how do we start to 'feel' the material weight of this digital accumulation? In this hands-on design workshop we'll start to untangle the digital ecosystems that shape our individual data collection habits and learn how to take a more mindful approach to our digitally stored files. We will try to reveal the intersections and connections between design history and the ecological impact of data consumption and data storage. When did we start to design for a more sustainable internet?" - source.

Workshop and exhibition, HistoricALL! - A Collective Rewriting of Design History, Onomatopee June 23 - July 14, 2023.

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