This video is part of the issue As Above, So Below by Taupe Magazine. As designer and researcher, I am highly interested in the ways humans make sense of the world by means of technology. Currently, in a networked society, our technologies no longer exist merely as extensions of our human perception. These technologies mediate our experiences on a level we can not fully comprehend with our known senses alone. The interconnectedness and ecologies of data shape our daily movement and interpretations of the world. This video is inspired by this notion of wanting to translate the natural world by means of digital technologies, but these same technologies determine what we understand our natural world to look like. Technologies that contribute to enforced structures of human perception and cognition and therefore also ways of connecting with each other and our surroundings.

This video is inspired by my own fascination for caves as spaces under the surface of earth that we can not always reach, but which influence the earth above. This translation of the unseen via technology also invites speculation: in trying to reach truth, we capture and frame truth by means of our tools.

Title: Hollow Trip
Duration: 00:03:13:03
Sound: Bouto + Doory - Ain't It Lazy_ [La Bande Adhésive – LBA 12 001] (2001)