As a several time participant of the 1 Euro Cinema by Telemagic, the artist collective asked me to collaborate and think about a way to transfer their travelling cinema-box showcasing experimental films to the online. I developed the concept and design for the series Coupled Worlds. An open call requested for films on how mimicry takes place from our physical worlds into the digital and vice versa. The relation between the both and how they try to interact.

These films then became part of an online game. Each film got placed on one out of four islands each with a different theme; Mimicry World, Threshold Island, Land of Empowerment or Locked-In Land. We developed a browser-based game in which the films are hidden on each of the four islands where they take form of different critters the player needs to collect and unlock to view the films. The project was launched in the form of a gamers livestream. Each island followed its own myth, reflecting on themes of mediation and imitation between the real and digital. 

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