Hi, my name is Susanne and I am a graphic designer, academic- and artistic researcher, specialising in computational media archaeology, critical archiving, software studies, philosophy of science and technology, aesthetics and computational visualization. My research addresses practices of visualisation through software and the specific ways in which knowledge can be found embedded in-, and is produced through computation. I am particularly interested in developing frameworks and methods for understanding computational audiovisual material by combining perspectives ranging from philosophy (phenomenology), theory of science and technology and media studies. The usage of computation for simulation and experimentation in moving image and film is part of my artistic (research) practice. Moreover, I am a graduate in Art History (University of Amsterdam), Graphic Design (Willem de Kooning Art Academy), and the Research Master Media, Art and Performance Studies (Utrecht University). Amongst other things, I have studied the relationship between software and user-interfaces, wrote a thesis on the use of Systems Theory for the study of art and technology, and analysed terrestrial biases that can be found in the technology for fluid simulation software.

Past work-experiences have been as a designer/creative coder at Moby Digg, being part of Bureau Punt, working at FOAM, Photography Museum Amsterdam and Studio Luc Derycke in Ghent (intern). Available for freelance commissions.

Next to all the serious stuff, I love climbing, swimming in the sea, rocks, and my favourite movie atm is A Brighter Summer Day by Edward Yang, Midnight Run by Martin Brest, Cassavetes' The Killing of a Chinese Bookie, Fresh by Boaz Yakin.

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